Exhibition: FÜR ALEKO
Curator: Mariam Shakarashvili
Exposition: Eliso Julakidze
Sponsor: Art Studio S T O R Y

Date: October 12 – 20, 2021
Address: Tbilisi History Museum (Karvasla), Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi History Museum presents the FÜR ALEKO Memorial Exhibition, which is dedicated to the memory of Alexander-Aleko Adamia, a famous Georgian artist working in Germany and an honorary professor at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. 

The exhibition brings together the 24 artists, who have been participating since 2013 until today in the Dresden International Pleinair and the exhibition „Kultur.Synchron“ which was founded by the artist in the last stage of his life in Germany and which is carried out in close cooperation with the Apolon Kutateladze Tbilisi State Academy of Arts even after his death. The main idea of ​​the Dresden Pleinair and Exhibition is a cultural-educational dialogue between the two countries and according to the decision made by the artist during his lifetime, the project is led today by Mariam Shakarashvili and Beka Sakvarelidze, invited teachers of the Art Academy.  The project is a unique opportunity for young Georgian artists to get acquainted with European culture, become skilled and gain recognition outside Georgia as well. This is a truly unique opportunity to explore the path to new heights in painting and self-realization, which has been granted to 32 fellows during 9 years. 

FÜR ALEKO is an act of gratitude and the 24 artists presented at the exhibition are united with love, special attitude and respect for the memory of Aleko Adamia. Most importantly, the exhibition thematically reflects the link that connects the past with the future and vice versa, and clearly shows how these connections reflect with the present.

Participant Artists: Mariam Shakarashvili, Beka Sakvarelidze,  Julia Sanikidze,  Shako Khrikuli,  Giorgi Shalikashvili, Nanuka Gogolashvili, Natalia Lashkhi, Veriko Iobashvili, Luka Gugushvili,  Medea Kedelashvili, Nino Karsamauli, Nika Khabelashvili,  Kartlos Bikashvili,  Ana Simongulovi, Liza Kvantaliani,  Mariam Ichkiti, Lika Rusadze, Elene Obgaidze, Shota Tetradze, David Gotsiridze, Zurab Zurabashvili, Gaioz Jincharadze, Luka Jankhoteli, Ia Kankia.

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